Example rates per standard page (one standard page includes 1800 characters with spaces):

  • From English into Polish:
    • Standard mode*: 39 PLN/page
    • Express mode*: 44 PLN/page
  • From Polish into English:
    • Standard mode: 42 PLN/page
    • Express mode: 47 PLN/page

* Up to 5 pages in 2 days can be translated in the standard mode.

In the express mode I can handle either 4-8 pages in 2 days
or up to 5 pages in 1 day.

Estimation of translation costs is always free of charge, basing on the source text. If a text has uncommon graphic design, additional charge must be paid (depending on the complexity of that text). But do not be alarmed - all costs are agreed upon before the work begins.

The day of accepting the translation project does not count in the completion date. Specific completion date is always set prior to accepting the job.

Tabtransla approaches each client individually. Translation costs depend above all on my availability, the size of a given text, delivery time, and on the text format. All inquiries regarding prices and delivery time can be submitted via e-mail or Skype (Contact).



  • Rate per hour: 45 PLN


IMPORTANT: Translation rates do not include VAT