Recording texts

Who is this service for?

I offer my help in learning correct pronunciation and proper presentation of materials which are prepared in English. I have been told many times that people who prepare their speeches in English but who have problems with English pronunciation ask their fellow employees or employees for help. Such actions may cause a lot of harm, when the asked people (who do not know the correct pronunciation themselves) unintentionally misinform someone. My offer is for for everyone who uses English in their work and wants to make sure they do it right. Analogically, this can work for English-speaking people who are to give a presentation in Polish, and would like to make sure everything is all right.

How does it work?

The manner in which the job is done depends on clients? preferences. By default, I read and record a text (which has been sent to me by a client). It is also possible to arrange a Skype meeting, during which a given material may be discussed. I offer a very good quality of recordings. As a rule I record files the in the .wav format but on the client?s request I can make recordings in other formats, for example .mp3. Please, listen to my sample recording.